Cream/ Creme

The Cream of the crop or the creme da creme!

Our Cream is defined as a mix of the following:

  • Items that still have the price tag on (essentially new/ unused)
  • High quality items in almost new condition
  • Quality clothing from designer to expensive labels
  • Shop or boutique quality items
  • Ideal for UK/ EU reseller market
  • Sold in boxes or sacks
  • Usually shipped on pallets

Grade-A/B (Bales/ Containers)

Our export product is sent in 20FT or 40FT containers. However do accommodate clients want to buy in smaller quantities.

All our goods are 100% UK sourced and sorted and then baled into 45KG or 55KG bales.

Grade B/C Rags

We also export rag or "not fit for purpose" textiles which is sold to companies who repurpose the material into new clothing, or textile products thus giving the material a second life and prevent it from simply ending up as waste.