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We process thousands of kilograms of clothing through our storage depo network carefully sorting and grading then making it available for wholesale to our growing customer base.  Below you'll find more about our graded clothing and apparel.

Weight chart:

Online: 5KG, 10KG, 20KG, 25KG (sold as sacks)

Wholesale: 45KG, 50GK or 55KG (sold as bales)

Creme Clothing - (Online only)

Creme is a term for trendy latest branded clothing that is "new with tags" or still in the original packaging. Generally it is clothing that is of a premium nature such as branded label clothing that usually may be expensive on the high street. Creme clothing is sold in poly sacks and can be ordered online in 5KG 10KG, 20KG or 25KG depending on your requirements.

Creme clothing is always sold as a mixture of types such as Shirts, Jackets, Shorts, Pants, Hoodies, Dresses, Tops etc. What do offer is the opportunity to purchase creme quality by gender.

Vintage/ depop/ eBay/ Vinted  (Online only)

We curate and package unique bundles of clothing for vendors who deal in vintage, premium or unqiue clothing that sell on any of the popular market places such as Vinted, Depop, eBay or their own online shop etc. We also supply charity shops, and small retail shops.

A-Grade Condition - (Online or wholesale)

Simply put A grade is used clothing that our staff have hand checked for defects to make sure the item is fully functional and the condition meets the requirements to be classified as A-Grade. In summary it is used clothing and accessories from brands accross the globe in near perfect condition but is used.

The items are evidently in used condition however it's in a condition that is good enough to be resold in the UK/ Western and European markets.

When resold either online or in-store A-Grade items usually command excellent pricing due to the high quality condition of the items.

B-Grade Condition - (Wholesale bales only)

When our team sorts through clothing we hand check each item and items that do not pass the quality checks will be classed as B-Grade. Our definitiion of B-Grade clothing is used clothing with minor repairable defects such stains, faded or ages aspects,  with wear and tear, holes, missing or broken zips, buttons etc.

The pieces are fully functional however clearly show signs of being fully used, with defects.