British Used Clothing

D & G Trade Ld is the UK's premier wholesaler of high quality checked and sorted used clothing, shoes accessories and apparel.

Founded in 2012 as a used clothing exportation company we had huge success as a company known for shipping tons of clothing each month across the world. We have been shipping vintage and premium quality clothing to our clients in Europe, Africa, Asias and the Americas for many years,

Our main business offering has mainly been the selling of bulk used clothing packaged in shipping container size loads and shipped to our customers.

With the pandemic changing how business is done, and effectively driving B2B transctions to be done mainly online, D & G Trade has now become a global player selling and shipping high quality used clothing online to small businesses and consumers through B2B ecommerce.

This now meands we offer whole sale clothing for sale across the globe via our new online store where customers can now simply buy their whole sale used clothing in a few clicks.

With real time shipping quotes to almost any country in the world and safe and secure payment methods such as Paypal, bank transfer and credit/ debit card payments our customers enjoy a truly unique online wholesale purchasing experience.